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8 Best Places To Work From If You Don’t Feel Like Staying At Home In Malta

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Sweatpants on, commitments off. Working from home is a sweet deal, but it can get almost too comfortable to actually do anything.

That’s when this list comes in handy. If you need to work somewhere in Malta that’s comfortable but without any distractions and a homey atmosphere, check these eight places out.

1. Coffee Circus


This lovely spot will not only offer you a comfortable table and seat to work on, but amazing treats to keep you energised.

Their coffee is amazing and although the coffee shops are generally quite tiny, you will always find a cosy corner where you can carry out your day’s work.

2. Ġugar


The perfect spot if you’re on a bit of a tight budget. This peaceful hangout in the capital is perfect to work at during the day.

However, it does get rowdy AF when the sun sets. So if you’re someone who doesn’t like changing spots, Ġugar is a perfectly good place for you to work at.

3. Costa Coffee


If you need spacious tables and ample space to spread out your stuff, Costa Coffee is probably your best bet.

The tables are quite large, and if your headphones are at hand, you won’t be distracted by the noise pollution.

4. Lot Sixty One


OK, so this spot is sometimes super crowded, but if you get there at just the right time, you’ll be treated like royalty coffee-wise.

Avoid the lunch rush as people generally flock here for the delicious coffee and sweet treats.

5. Dr Juice


Laying off the coffee as you work is a bit too hard to manage for most of us, so why not switch to smoothies?

They’ll offer you energising juices and smoothies to go well with your vibe, along with tasty snacks and a quiet atmosphere.

6. Is-Suq tal-Belt


The tables here are some of the largest you can get.

The upside to this indoor spot is that you can have a mini snack feast on your own, because who doesn’t love to eat and work at the same time?

7. iPlace


If you’re a fan of big meals and seaside views, head down to Malta’s favourite fishing village. This place is perfect if you like to go out on strolls every now and then.

It’s also a blessing if you’re nursing a hangover. The lights are dim and the food is comforting.

8. Molly’s Café


This Mosta spot is popular among pancake lovers and workers alike. You can stop mid-work to stuff your face with cakes, and nobody will judge you.

It’s homely and welcoming, so what’s not to love?

BONUS: Your local każin


Some of our best days are spent working at the każin. It’s peaceful during the mornings and afternoons, save for a couple of people hanging out. You’ll get to pick any table you want to and the tea is generally top notch.

Don’t be fooled by the exterior of your trusty local każin; some of your best work will be done at this overly-decorated spot.

Did we forget to mention your favourite spot? Leave us a comment below

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