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8 Mintoff Memes That Will Make You Miss The 80s

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We’ve tested the waters with a few dodgy Maltese memes by online sensation Dom Memetoff. But the true goldmine of these pages lie in the memes centering around one of Malta’s most recognisable leaders. Regardless of how funny you find them, it’s pretty easy to see why these wouldn’t fly in the 80s.

1. Perit Mintoff and chill

2. Not all heroes wear capes

L-aqwa superheroes tan 1980s

3. Nothing like a good rhyme to remember the truth

Mess with Perito

Get stabito

4. The perfect diet

They can’t buy foreign chocolate if you ban all foreign chocolate

5. Protec or attac

He protec but he also attac

6. We know how this worked out…

Who would win?

7. Every Friday night

Me: I promise I won’t get all political

3 drinks later:

8. No do-overs

Tag a friend who’d love to Mintoff and chill

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