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8 Small Maltese Annoyances That Have The Power To Ruin Your Whole Mood

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Everyday life is full of stressors and annoyances that manage to find a way to irk us in all the wrong ways, and in Malta, these are usually super-sized by the other, larger issues that people face such as traffic or just general driving.

So in loving memory of that good day you had before reading this article, here are eight painfully small things that always manage to kill our mood.

1. No indicators at a roundabout

Sticking with the Maltese driving theme, this one doesn’t require much explaining.

And anyone who’s familiar with some of my other articles will know that this is an issue I bring up a lot more than I should, but it’s a pet peeve. so stop judging me. Besides, we all know you’re going to arrive at work at start bitching to Brenda about dal-miġnun fin-Naxxar.

2. No hot water

This one will probably spark deep traumatic memories, and if so, just imagine how much worse it is for those who were enjoying a warm shower when all of a sudden they begin feeling it get colder and colder. Why can I hear people screaming?

3. Unsatisfactory fruit

This is actually the point that inspired this whole article.

Allow me to set the scene. It’s midnight, and you’re looking for a late night snack. Deciding to be fancy for a change, you pick up a peach and wash it. As soon as you bite into it, expecting a soft and sweet treat, you’re instead faced with a sour devil whose ripeness is a lie. #StillNotOverIt

4. Breaking a nail

This one is not the most universal, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t really annoying when part of your nail decides to give up on life one day before you were planning on painting them.

5. No spoons

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a craving for cereal or coffee, only to find that you have no clean spoons?

This one hits you twice as apart from being annoying, it also serves as a reminder for how badly you procrastinate the small chores in life.

6. Getting out of bed to use the bathroom

Be honest, you’ve had to do this at least once, and you still have nightmares about it, right? At least with winter behind us it won’t be as bad anymore, but us Maltese will still find a way to make our laziness shine bright.

7. Forgetting to turn off your alarm on a public holiday

Again, we’ve all done it. And with Malta’s many holidays and feasts, I have no doubt that we’ll be unnecessarily woken up by an incessant beeping or ringing again in the not so distant future. Can’t wait!

8. Forgetting that it’s a public holiday

This is Point 7’s less popular older brother, where not only do you forget to turn off you alarm, but go through the motions of getting ready before realising that you could have slept in.

Bonus points for those who make it all the way to work / school before you realise.

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