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8 Totally Relateable Moments From Gaia’s New Music Video And 3 That Are Totally Not

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Local singer Gaia Cauchi, who was the first person to bring home the Junior Eurovision title back in 2013, has released her new music video for the song Hey, Hello

The upbeat song, composed by Cyprian Cassar with lyrics by Muxu, screams summer and there are so many moments throughout the clip that had us saying: literally me.

1. That feeling when you notice your crush has posted something new that you haven’t liked yet

Check Phone

2. When you find out your crush is going somewhere, and you make sure you’re accidentally there too


3. When your bed ends up buried in discarded outfits because you have ‘nothing to wear’ before going somewhere important

Literallyeverones Bed

4. When you know you look cute and want to take a selfie, but play it off as a fun thing to do as a group

Selfie 2

5. When your friend decides that ‘play it cool’ means ‘publicly shame me’

That One Friend

6. When you’re trying to enjoy some time at the beach and are constantly hit by bloody beach balls


7. When your outfit is on point, and five other people show up dressed the same

Saame Outfit

8. When you go to Paceville and feel like the oldest person there


But it’s not all relateable AF, some moments had us questioning everything.

1. Who has the guts to ‘heart’ a crush’s photo?

Seriously Gaia must be the bravest person out there. Most people spend hours considering whether or not to like a shot, let alone love.

Love React

2. When have you ever seen candyfloss at the beach?


3. Who walks into the sea without screaming at the cold with every step?


Relateable moments aside, the video shows Gaia meeting up with Andy Shaw, who you may recognise from her duet with him way back in 2015.

Hey, Hello seems to be a crowd pleaser, with many taking to Facebook to compliment the young singer on her new song. One young fan even had a custom-made tshirt that lined up perfectly with the theme.


And just to make the moment even more special for Gaia, songwriter Muxu sent a warm message to her from all the way in Cambodia.

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