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9 Reasons Any Season Is A Million Times More Enjoyable Than Summer In Malta

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Summer sucks. Fight me if you disagree. I’m ready.

But maybe let’s fight at around 8pm once the sun has gone down, because it’s too hot before that. Actually, maybe let’s reschedule to like the end of September, because it’s always too hot. Because summer sucks.

And if you still don’t agree with me, here are nine indisputable facts that will prove my point.

1. Sweat isn’t as much of an issue

Nobody likes sweating. If you earn it by exercising, then it’s kind of acceptable, but finding yourself covered in sweat two seconds after rolling out of bed is nobody’s ideal situation.

And sweat comes with other problems like sweat patches, smells, and sticking any surface you touch.

2. We live in Malta, so we still get enjoy the sun when it’s not summer anyway

We’re super lucky with the weather here on our little Mediterranean island; even during the colder months we’re often treated to great spells of sunny weather. So we get to enjoy Mother Nature’s sunnier side without the intense levels of heat.

So anyone saying they only like summer for the sun is a liar.

3. You can enjoy warm and hearty meals

Honestly, there are few things in life that are more comforting than a good plate of warm food. Soups, baked pastas, pies… they’re like hugs in an edible form. But summer food like salads and cold rice? Not comforting at all.

But a plate of lasagna in autumn? Yes, puh-lease.

4. Coffee doesn’t taste like lava

Just like with the warm food, hot drinks are pretty comforting. But more than that, they’re sometimes necessary. A cup of coffee in the morning is often required to keep us going, but we don’t all have the luxury of owning an iced-latte maker.

So traditional boiling water will have to do. Even if it’s 35°C out.

5. The grass is green and the trees are alive

Well, assuming we haven’t cut them all down yet.

Thanks to the beauty of rain, the Earth’s natural irrigation system, what’s left of our green patches blossom into a naturally lush hue of bright green.

In summer, all the grass dries up and we’re surrounded by sad brown patches. And a lot of fires.

6. You get to enjoy the sound and smell of rain

Speaking of rain, there’s something pretty soothing about a spell of rain. The sound of the drops hitting the window, the smell of rain and soil mixed together, the grey skies. It’s cuddle weather and I love it.

Although yes, I understand that too much rain can be annoying. I’ll accept that.

7. Summer is undoubtedly hell season for girls

I know that playing the gender card is a risky one, but life is really hard in summer for girls. Shaving, periods at the beach, getting catcalled just because you’re wearing a pair of shorts…

It sucks.

8. There are generally less people on the island

The population of Malta practically quadruples in the summer months because of all the tourists that stop by. There’s no denying that the island seems slightly less crowded once the colder weather hits.

Not that tourists aren’t welcome, but you know, there are a lot of them.

9. Ma tixxawwatx

Or in English, you don’t chafe. But it sounds more relatable in Maltese. Less sweat and longer trousers means your inner thighs don’t rub against each other and get irritated.

It also means that you don’t need to walk like a penguin because you’re in pain.

Tag someone who loves summer and someone who hates it and make them fight

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