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9 Things All Maltese Shoppers Do On Black Friday

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Black Friday is just around the corner and that only means one thing: SALES.

Well, it means a couple of other things too… crowds, traffic, stress, tired feet. But let’s just focus on the positives, shall we? While on the hunt for all the best bargains, these are the 9 stages of every Maltese shopper’s Black Friday journey.

1. Planning to wake up early to beat the masses

…but sleeping in anyway

2. Getting stuck in traffic on the way to Valletta or Sliema

…and regretting all your choices

3. Walking into a store just to realise that all of Malta is there

…and regretting all your choices again

4. Listening to the Christmas carols and calming down

…because Christmas season is officially upon us and everything is ok (yes November is Christmas season)

5. Finding a shop that is bearably crowded

…and buying everything you find that kind of fits

6. Finally finding a pair of jeans in your size

…and realising it was all worth it

7. Getting stuck in traffic again on the way back, but its OK because you’re happy with your purchases

…until you’re in your car for so long that at some point you start regretting all your choices again

8. Going to a party in your new outfit

…and finding at least two people wearing the SAME THING you just bought

9. Spending all your money again on cyber Monday

…and, all together now, regretting all of your choices

Just one word of encouragement; if you made it through the LIDL Summer 2018 BBQ sale, you can make it through Black Friday.

Will you be going shopping this Black Friday?

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