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A Day After Selling Out In Malta, PS5s Are Being Sold For Double The Price

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Just a day after the well-sought-after PlayStation 5 launched and sold out in Malta, scalpers are taking to online marketplaces to sell the console at double the price.

Here in Malta as well as all around Europe, authorised Sony PlayStation resellers are selling the console for more or less the same price – €499.00

But a quick look at Facebook Marketplace will expose a number of Maltese sellers asking for double that, sometimes more.

One particular seller had not one, but three consoles up for grabs, each for the ‘non-negotiable’ price of €1,000.

Despite the intense spike in price, however, some console-fanatics were desperate enough to buy the PlayStation 5 off of the sellers.

Local tech store Forestal’s PlayStation 5 stock arrived last Friday, six days before the console’s official European release. Every console was handed out to customers who had placed a pre-order.

Other console-fanatics looking to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 from Forestals will have to wait until at least January/February 2021, when the next stock is expected to arrive.

It seems like most tech stores around the islands are just as desperate to get their hands on the new console.

One store that had racked up over 400 pre-orders was provided with just 30 consoles for launch.

Several other tech stores are expecting to receive their second batch of PS5s by March/April 2021.

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