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A Guide To 4/20 In Malta Now That The Island Is (Kind Of) Weed Friendly

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It’s motherfucking 4/20, the official unofficial weed holiday of the world.

Now that Malta has legalised medical cannabis and may well be on its way to legalising recreational cannabis, a few different groups have set up some funky events for 4/20 – and you are very much invited.

From full-on parties and blunt hunts to lucky lotteries and documentaries, check out some of the events going down to celebrate cannabis culture in Malta today

Here’s a gif of Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven-time Mr Olympia, the 38th Governer of California, and the Terminator, blazing balls

1. CannaPeace Inna Jah Ruulz

Jah Ruulz, St Julian’s

Reggae bar Jah Ruulz will be hosting an entire day of cannabis-friendly fun, with the showing of Cannabis: A Lost History at 4:20 on the dot, followed by a discussion and some hardcore chilling.

There’s Happy Hour on all Canna & Havana Mojitos and, at midnight, there will be Malta’s first ever ‘Blunt Hunt’, where you’ll need to find a hidden object to win some cool items… including a Ziggi skateboard!

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Check out Elon Musk, the man who is going to terraform Mars so humans can go live there after we’ve destroyed this Earth, blazing balls

2. Follow The White Rabbit

Tugillio, St Julians

A major 4/20 event is being held at Tugillio in Spinola valley, with multiple stages all types of music, from hip hop to electronica to reggae to drum ‘n bass.

There’ll also be dance-offs, workshops and you can even get your hands on a cheesecake-on-a-stick by Stru food truck which is launching that very day.

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Pictured: It’s you and a friend in St Julian’s valley at some point today

3. Screening Of ‘The Culture High’

Strait Street, Valletta

Moviment Graffitti, one of Malta’s largest pressure groups, will be showing The Culture High, a documentary on everything weed-related in terms of legislation, its use in the medicinal field, and everything else in between.

It will be followed by a discussion on the current situation in Malta.

Pictured above: Also you, at some point today

4. 420 Party At Mom & Pop


Mom & Pop, probably Malta’s best headshop with a massive line of bongs, pipes, vaporisers, papers and all sorts of cannabis-related items, will be hosting a 420 party.

All attendees will be welcomed with a free shot of cannabis vodka, and you’ll have the opportunity to enter their 420 lottery, as well as get your hands on some very cool gear.

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Here’s an elderly lady who is harder than you will ever be

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