6 Adorable Maltese Pinterest Boards You Need To Follow

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Pinterest is every creative's dream social media platform. Stringing beautiful pictures to virtual boards and sorting your hobbies and passions into neat compartments just feels so... right.

But if you're looking for a more local twist to your feed, you need to follow these eight stunning boards about Malta.

1. Malta Unpacked

By lethers

Malta Unpacked

Whether you're looking for food, culture or travel, this board has everything you need and more!

2. Maltese Food

By michagrissa

Maltese Food

Looking for delicious recipes, or do you just love staring at pretty pictures of food to inspire you for your next meal? Well either way, if you're looking for beautiful local cuisine, and a how-to to make it later that day, this board has you covered.

3. Gozo Botanicals

By gozobontanicals

Gozo Botanicals

A tranquil board highlighting the beauty of Malta's prettier, smaller sister. It's got everything you need to unwind.

4. Made in Malta

By dinnershowmalta

Made In Malta

Crafts aren't just for children and classrooms. Here's a look at some Maltese-made products. If you're looking for more, there's also the board highlighting items from the Malta Crafts Village.

5. Historic Fashion: Malta

By heatherbeth1983

Historic Fashion

Another staple of the social media platform, but this time with a historical twist. Not an overly-populated board, but it's still fun to see how things have changed (and maybe a few more followers will encourage more posts).

6. Malta Wedding

By hetbruidsmeisje

Malta Wedding

If you don't have a board for weddings, are you even really on Pinterest?

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