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All Of Michela Pace’s X Factor Malta Performances Ranked From Great To Flawless

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It’s official; Michela Pace has been crowned the very first X Factor Malta champion, and will be heading off to represent Malta in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest in May. While we wait for more news about the way forward and what song she will be singing, we thought it would be fun to relive all of Michela’s performances on the show, ranked from worst to best.

But let’s be honest, her worst is pretty damn amazing.

11. ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ on Live Show 3

Michela took on this Aerosmith classic from the movie ‘Armageddon’ for the ‘Movie Spectacular’ show. And while she killed it on the vocals, the arrangement didn’t really do her any favours and the performance fell a bit flat.

10. ‘The Power Of Love’ on Live Show 2

Michela originally won us over with a throwback song, so for the ‘Throwbacks’ show, she was going to have to pull something a bit more exciting to really wow us. The ‘Frankie Goes To Hollywood’ song may have suited her vocally, but it was very similar to her original audition song. It would have been fun to see her take on a more upbeat song. Maybe Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’?

9. ‘Lost On You’ on Live Show 1

It seems many of Michela’s live show song choices weren’t the best. She may have consistently won us over with her amazing vocals and down-to-earth charm, but she could have done so much more. While it was good to see her take on a more fast-paced and contemporary song, the track wasn’t that well known and didn’t have the audience up on their feet as it should have.

8 ‘Shallow’ on the Finale

Don’t get mad at me. She sounded absolutely amazing. But we’d heard it before and I was looking forward to hearing something new.

7. ‘Perfect’ on the Finale

It’s getting hard to number Michela’s performances now. When she gets it right, it’s really right. This beautiful arrangement really showed off Michela’s range, and she was paired with the Maltese Tenor himself, Joseph Calleja. Perhaps the pressure of singing alongside Calleja got to her a bit as she started off a bit shaky, but she quickly eased into it.

6. ‘Turning Tables’ at the Judges’ Houses

A bit of a cliché song choice, but a powerful performance nonetheless. And she took some creative choices towards the end of the song, which I appreciated.

5. ‘Praying’ on the Chair Challenge

This performance really solidified Michela’s place on the live shows, with this powerful rendition of Kesha’s touching track.

4. ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ on the Finale

Just in case anyone needed any reminding why Michela’s made it so far on the show, just compare this performance to her audition and check out how much she’s grown in a matter of months.

3. ‘Inti Djamant’ on the Finale

It may have been a bit of a predictable choice used to tug on the heart strings of all the Gozitans, but Michela took this classic from ‘the Tramps’ and made it relevant. She looked super comfortable on the stage and was clearly enjoying herself, which made the performance all the more endearing.

2. ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ at the auditions

This is where we first met the powerful 17-year-old, as she brought Ira to tears and showed everyone that she would be going far on the show. She was an early favourite of many, and her audition even went viral!

1. ‘Shallow’ on Live Show 3

This is hands down the best she has sounded on the entire show. After a couple of disappointing song choices, Michela brought it with this performance. She reminded us all why she’d made it so far, and solidified her place as a front runner for the title of winner.

We can’t wait to see what other stunning performances Michela will deliver in the run up to the Eurovision, and indeed for a long time after that.

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