7 Amazing Things that Happened Since Lovin Malta Launched

And it's only been 30 days.

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1. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took a quiz on our site.

Mariah Clapping

2. His arch nemesis Daphne Caruana Galizia guaranteed the quiz's 100% accuracy.

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3. Large media publications shifted towards a youth-oriented style of reporting

Times of Malta and MaltaToday's listicles are two (of many) examples of this, to say nothing of One's tragic use of "Shower Time".

Fellow Kids

4. Malta reached peak levels of Justin Bieber covers Dog Instagram accounts

And a lot of shirtless men (not that we're complaining).

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5. An innocent feel-good article wreaked havoc in The Salott

And from the chaos the scar meme was born (sorry Moira).

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6. Our world exclusive Liam Gallagher video made it to the Daily Mirror and NME Magazine

Riahnna Paparazzi

7. A shitload of people visited our site

400,000 pageviews from around 150,000 unique visitors is a scarily high number of viewers to have in just 30 days, but thanks y'all.

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