A Lovin Malta Newspaper? Here's What The Island Is Saying About Lovin Tomorrow

And is it really happening?

Lovin Tomorrow Af Cover

It's been a busy day for us here at Lovin Malta; we've just launched the first edition of our weekly newspaper Lovin Tomorrow. 20,000 copies were snatched up during the early hours of the day, and people all over the island haven't stopped discussing it.

From reading Lovin Tomorrow with their morning coffee, to feeling totally 'bamboozled', here's what some people had to say about our venture into the world of print:

Our readers had some mixed feelings

Lovin Tmrw Comments

NET TV included our paper in the morning's newspaper review

Franco Debono announced his MEP candidature

People digested the editorial over their morning coffee

Students caught up on the news before their lessons, and all the local radio stations discussed it in the morning


If you're still a bit confused, you might want to check this video out

And watch it all the way til the end for some extra clarification.

So, regarding the fact that we released this on April Fools...

You got us. This is indeed a prank - we're going to be sticking to the digital world for now. But, everything you read in today's paper is 100% true. None of the stories are made up. Everything from the opinion pieces from our political leaders, to new busses, to the investigative stuff is all real.

So, technically, none of this is fake news.

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