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Gender quotas: yay or nay?

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Gender quotas. An initiative that aims to achieve a fairer gender balance in Parliament, by requiring a minimum number of seats to be filled by women.

It is also the reason why you should never go to Berlin for a bachelor party, unless you're happy to queue outside a club for three hours and then be turned away for "bringing too many sausages".*

The Government and the Opposition are both in favour of gender quotas, but several MPs and members of the public are against them. Some feel they are a necessary evil that ensure a proper representation of society, while others find them offensive to women because "women are not tuna".

But are they really required to balance out our overly-male Parliament?

That's the subject of the second episode of Kaxxaturi, Lovin Malta's monthly show that tackles hotly debated topics.

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*Yes, this actually happened.

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Luca Amato