A Feast Of Fish, Fresh 'From Our Sea'

An exquisite meal prepared in a sustainable manner - what more could you want?


None of us like to think about where our food came from, because many times the backstory can be quite horrific. Local organisation fish4tomorrow is hoping to change that, and has spoken out against the over fishing that has taken place in the Mediterranean for years. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy our food in a sustainable manner!

To prove this, fish4tomorrow is hosting its fifth feast in their "From Our Sea" campaign where they'll be celebrating sustainable fishing through delicious meals.

Grabiel Sustainable

How can you say no to this? 

Photo Credit: Matthew Demarco

On Wednesday June 15th, fish4tomorrow will be teaming up with Grabiel Restaurant and organising a five course seafood feast, with free flowing wine paired perfectly with the dishes. 

How can you say no to that? It's a great meal, for a great cause which means places will be snatched up fast. You can book your tickets through their event, or you could head on over to our Facebook post, tag a friend to be in for a chance of winning two places at this special event.

Local fishermen speak about the devastating effects of over fishing.

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