Dinner In The Sky Coming To Malta This August

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Dinner In The Sky has arrived to Malta as a combined endeavour between entrepreneur Mark Weingard and restauranteur Marvin Gauci, of Tarragon and Caviar & Bull fame. 

Suspended 40 metres in the sky in Valletta, overlooking arguably the world's most beautiful harbour, diners will have a culinary experience to die for. 

Mark Weingard told Lovin Malta why he approached Marvin Gauci with the international franchise

"Marvin is a culinary artist. He brings flavours to life and each of his restaurants are unique in their ambience. I knew  he would be the best business partner on the island for this dining adventure."

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Marvin felt Mark, who had introduced Aziamendi in Valletta in 2014, was a revolutionary entrepreneur.

"Mark was the person first to bring a 3 star Michelin chef to this island and I knew that we could break new ground together," said Marvin Gauci  

There will be four different experiences available: Lunch in the Sky, Champagne in the Sky, Sunset Dinner in the Sky and Supper in the Sky.  Each will have a different menu and a different ambience.

Dinner in the Sky will see 22 guests elevated to 40 meters above the rooftops of Valetta with stunning views of the city and grand harbour. 

Offering a complete unique experience meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests and view that you will never forget.

Check out their Facebook page for more information and to book your places!

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