Emmy Bezzina is Taking His Show Online

Plans in motion for him to make a spectacular return into our lives

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Emmy Bezzina, Malta's national insult generator, has ditched Smash TV for the world wide web.

Fans (and telephone hecklers) of his weekly TV show have complained of his absence in the past few weeks.

But Dr Bezzina told Lovin Malta (in very bold, blue lettering) he will be appeasing all those who have shown "enthusiastic interest" in his programme by restarting broadcasts of Il-Parlament tal-Poplu at a future, unannounced date.

The good news doesn't end there. Fans of the show will no longer have to clear their evening schedules to catch Emmy's iconic soundbites, since he will be bringing the show into the 21st Century by broadcasting online, "in line with modern exigencies".

Huzzah - all the better to gif you with, Emmy!

In case you haven't been on Facebook at all this year, we've added a couple of Il-Parlament tal-Poplu's highlights below.

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