TONIGHT: The 6 Hilarious Food Challenges You'll See At The Malta International Airport

Where was this slot at the Olympics?

Stuffing Face

If the idea of copious amounts of burgers, fried chicken and muffins excites you, then you need to head to the airport tonight to witness the Man vs Food Challenge.

Malta International Airport will be making full use of its spanking new food court with an event that's already had dozens signed up, all of whom stand to win €200 per challenge. 

But what exactly do the six challenges entail?

Challenge #1: The Whopper Challenge

The winner is the person who guzzles 10 Burger King Whopper sandwiches first.

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Challenge #2: The Finger Lickin’ Chicken Challenge

A bucketful of KFC chicken strips to go through before anyone else.

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Challenge #3: The Flatbread Challenge

The winner must be the first to finish three Sandella’s Margherita Flatbreads.

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Challenge #4: The Beer Lovers Challenge

It's probably the best beer in the world (besides Cisk), but how quickly can you down five pints? 

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Challenge #5: The Juice Crusher Challenge

For those with lighter stomachs, the winners just need to guess the most ingredients in a Dr Juice smoothie.  

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Challenge #6: The Muffin Challenge

Three minutes of muffin paradise. The one who eats the most wins. 

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