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If You Didn’t Get A Copy Of Lovin Tomorrow, It’s Now Available Online

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There are still a few copies of Lovin Malta’s free print publication, Lovin Tomorrow, available around the island. But most of them are gone now, and it seems that there are still some people who want to get their hands on all the juicy stories in there.

Obviously, in case you missed it, this was an April Fools’ joke and there won’t be another publication next week.

Or will there?

There won’t be.

We gave out tens of thousands of copies yesterday

Which, by the way, were all printed on recycled paper.

And people all over the island were digesting opinion pieces from our political leaders and pretending they don’t care about Emma and Biondo’s tragic love story.

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If you want to read Lovin Tomorrow but didn’t get a copy yesterday, you can read it online now

Which is slightly ironic, we know.

But we are living in the digital age after all. To digest the juiciest stories of the month, click below.

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