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Kickstart Your Christmas Cheer By Taking On The Lovin Milied Challenge With Us

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Christmas ain’t canceled – regardless of what’s currently going on. The decade is nearing its end and we’re hoping to wave goodbye to 2019 by putting a smile on the faces of those less fortunate.

If you’re still trying to get into the festive cheer, why not kickstart your Christmas by putting together a box for the Lovin Milied challenge?


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This year, we’re asking you to put together a box from one of six categories and bring it down to our offices. We’ll deliver them to the respective charities we work closely with once collections close on the 18th of December.

There’s nothing like giving to get you in the mood for Christmas and the Lovin Milied Challenge is the perfect place to start!

Need a little refresher on the box types we’re looking for?

Mother & Baby: Pack some useful bits and bobs that you’d expect a new mother to appreciate, like some baby wipes or talcum powder. Maybe drop in a soft towel and a little sweet treat for mum – she deserves it, if not after everything she’s been through with baby, but just because it’s Christmas.

Kids Boxes: Let the kids have a little fun this Christmas, pop some colouring books and crayons in, maybe a little teddy or toy and packet of sweets. If there ever was an okay time to give candy to kids, it would be Christmas.

Girls Box: All girls grow up wanting to feel like a princess, why not make it a reality for some and pack a box with some candy bracelets jewellery? Don’t forget to pop in some real beauty products or hair accessories – and with the cold weather just around the corner why not add a cute hat or scarf?

Boys Box: Boys are easy to buy for – get them some socks and they’ll be happy, but in the spirit of spreading the festive cheer why not bulk the box out with some cool books, maybe some hair gel or a nifty sports cap?

Elderly Box: This is the box that charities ask for the most of, given that Christmas can be a lonely time for some of the elder members of our community… Make Christmas great again for the elderly and pack a box with a hot water bottle, some biscuits and a blanket or woolen socks. You might even want to write them a card to wish them well for the year – it might be the only one they get.

Toiletry Box: Pack a box full of basic toiletry items like soap, shampoo, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Don’t forget the socks – everyone appreciates a fresh pair of socks for Christmas.

You don’t even have to do it alone – get together with friends and pack a box together.

This year, the Lovin Milied challenge is asking everyone to come together in the spirit of Christmas and all that is festive. Why not round up the lads for a quick drink and brainstorm the box’s contents?

Hassle your colleagues to put together a box to donate from your place of work? Set up a Christmas card writing marathon with your family, ask your teachers to get involved, mention it during school assemblies, print out posters and stick them up around your local Scouts hall – whatever you do, just make sure it’s done.

And don’t forget to snap a picture of your efforts and upload them onto your socials with the #lovinmiliedchallenge.

We’ll be watching from afar and waiting patiently for you all to pop in and say hello with your boxes. There might be cake – but you’ll have to come in and see for yourself…


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We need your help to make this Christmas one of the best for those less fortunate.

If you’re interested in donating a box to the Lovin Milied challenge, our offices are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Look for us on Level 2 in The Fort at the Hardrocks Business Estate just off Burmarrad Road in Naxxar.

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