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Malta's love for reggae is pretty obvious, with the chillaxed music going hand in hand with a beer - or something else - by the beach on a summer night. 

With certain venues around the island offering purely reggae music and vibes, the crowd is catered for. 

However, there is now a fully-dedicated reggae festival happening in Malta, and it's perfectly timed with the beginning of summer vibes

The One Drop Festival will be giving people of all races, colours and creeds the chance to skank out to some of the best reggae music this island has ever seen. 

Mixing everything from roots to dub to ska, Zion club in Marsascala will be transformed into a reggae epicentre from the 4th - 6th May. 

"We’ve been dreaming about this project for some years now but always kept it on the shelf, and whilst having a chat last year we reckoned that it was the right time to go for it," Miguel Cachia, one of the festival organisers, told Lovin Malta.

"We see Malta being a sort of mini-Jamaica in the Mediterranean, making it the natural place for a reggae festival, which we’re hoping to grow over the years and welcome bigger artists and more people from around the world," he said.

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With the organisation of the One Drop Festival underway, Miguel is getting ready to launch what he believes will be the biggest reggae festival on the island.

"We can’t reveal much at the moment as the full information will be rolled out in the next days and weeks," he smiles. "However I can say it’s going to be a Caribbean & Jamaican feast with music spanning across most sub-genres of reggae, with awesome foreign acts and the best locals, a top notch sound system, Jamaican kitchen, Caribbean Rum bar, market area and above all, we hope, loads of happy smiley people."

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