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Lovin Malta Is Looking For Five Readers To Join A Discussion With The President This Saturday

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Malta is in the midst of incredible change.

The country is moving forward on some issues, and moving back on others – but it is undeniable that there are just so many important things to discuss right now.

That’s why we want to hear from you, the Lovin Malta reader.

We want to know what you think are the most pressing issues in Malta today. 

Do you think Malta’s mental health needs to be focused on? Do you think our environment is being ignored? Do you think Malta’s sports system needs an overhaul?

Whatever you are interested in, we are interested in hearing. 

So we’ve set up a meeting with President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca this Saturday, 17th of February, at Verdala Palace for five curious Lovin Malta readers to discuss the topics the readers want to hear about.

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We’ll also be joined by some of the most inspirational youths in Malta in our discussion. Katriel, Samuel, and Karl Abela are just some of the youths joining us to remind us what bravery, perseverance and courage really look like.

There will also be a luncheon with the President and everyone in attendance.

Are you interested in discussing your vision for the country with the Lovin Malta team and the President of Malta? 

If you answered yes, all you need to do is send us an email at [email protected], with the subject “Discussion At Verdala Palace”, and tell us about three topics that are close to your heart and you would be interested in discussing at the event.

Tag a friend who needs to attend this Lovin Malta content meeting!

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