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The Maltese illustrator Julinu (aka Julian Mallia) has taken one more step towards bona fide global recognition, after his promotional illustration for a short film – ‘Maia’s Morning Malaise’ – scored a place among the prestigious World Illustration Awards, announced in London earlier this week. 

Check out the winning illustration below, along with a selection of some of Julinu's earlier work -- which is accomplished, delicate and occasionally satirical.  

Maia S Morning Malaise Oil Paint And Digital Julinu

The winning illustration: Maia's Morning Malaise by Julian Mallia

And here's some more work from Julinu's portfolio...

My Early Math Lesson

My Early Math Lesson By Julinu

Capturing a succinct concept is what illustration is all about, and along with the above illustration -- done for a short story published in Schlock Magazine -- Julinu has proven more than capable of synthesizing ideas into a punchy visual narrative. 

The Plight Of The Homeless Orca

The Plight of the Homeless Orca by Julinu

Sometimes it all gets a bit weird...

Tisfir Widinti

Tisfir Widinti by Julinu

And sometimes it's just on the right side of kooky... 

The Art Of Silence

The Art of Silence by Julinu

The Art of Silence was showcased in an exhibition protesting Malta's then still-active censorship laws.

But sometimes it's just plain pretty

The Quiet Before The Storm

The Quiet Before The Storrm by Julinu

And sometimes, it's weird and pretty at the same time

Transfiguration At Piazza San Marco

Transfiguration at Piazza San Marco by Julinu

The World Illustration Awards – organised by the Association of Illustrators (AOI) in London in partnership with the Directory of Illustration in California – are considered to be a key benchmark for illustrators worldwide. But Julian, a former student at the University of Brighton, kept his feet on the ground, stressing how he doesn’t intend to waste time basking in its glory.

“I’m hoping that in the long run it will help me in the process of making a comfortable living out of illustration. Rather than fame, I’m more excited about the prospect of sustaining this creative path and being able to generate beautiful visual ideas to a wider range of clients.”

The illustration, which Julian created as a promotional poster for a short film – Loophole – which he worked on for his MA in Sequential Art/Illustration at the University of Brighton, consists of 3 oil paintings that were scanned and digitally merged in a process that is reminiscent of photographic double exposure.

Aoi Wia Launch Evening Dan Weill Photography 46 C

Julian Mallia posing with his winning illustration at the World Illustration Awards. Photo by Dan Weill Photography

Asked about the challenges Maltese artists face in particular, Julian singled out “a rather limited contemporary art scene, the size of allocated budgets and a small target audience” as the main problems, while at the same time stressing that “learning about this profession as I go along and I hope that my commitment to quality will inspire more appreciation for the profession.”

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