Maltese Barbershop Quartet Taking On Two Musical Giants This February

They don't have any instruments, but they will rock you

Lovin Barbetti Cover

If you're fan of the classics such as The Beatles and Queen, or you just appreciate a good four-part harmony, this is the event for you.

Local barbershop quartet Barbetti by Studio18 are bringing to life some of the bands' greatest hits in an exciting a cappella concert this February. HELP! Barbetti Go Bohemian will see the four singers cover iconic hits like 'Somebody To Love' and 'Let It Be'. In a mesmerising four-part-harmony arrangement with an a cappella twist, you'll really be able to appreciate the power of their voices.

Let's meet the Barbetti boys...

1. James, the baritone

James 1

Photos by Samantha Cassar Ellis

2. Daniel, the bass

Daniel 2

3. Luke, the tenor

Luke 2

4. Dean, the lead

Dean 1 1

And here's the man behind it all...

Joe, the director

Pictured here with Barbetti's guest singers Rebecca, Mattea, and Michela.

Joe And Girls

If this event sounds like your cup of tea, check out their event on Facebook and get ready for a night of some classic bangers.

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