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Maltese Couple Forced To Speed Up Wedding Needs Your Help

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A woman whose father is dying in hospital has taken the difficult decision to rush her wedding day, and live her dream of her father being with her on her big day.

But as anyone who’s planned a wedding will know, rushing these things is no easy feat. With the schedule shifted by two weeks, a public appeal has been made for anyone who can help. Here’s what they need:

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Everything from decor to photography and videography is being requested for a vows ceremony, tonight at 7pm. The bride’s wedding dress isn’t even ready for tonight, so anyone who can help with an outfit and general dolling up is also welcome to lend a hand.

This appeal is the perfect opportunity to show the true spirit of giving the Maltese are famous for and give them the chance to enjoy such a special day for the whole family.

If you, or someone you know can help, please contact DYNA Spiteri on 99838331 or message her on Facebook.

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