Maltese Team Land The Biggest Fish At Spanish Spearfishing Competition

It was the first time a Maltese team had entered since 1992

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A team of Maltese spearfishers have just returned from the Spearfishing World Cup in Palma De Mallorca in Spain, where they represented Malta in the country's first entry since 1992.

Not only that, but they even won the prestigious "Biggest Fish" award in the competition. The Malta Skin Divers Club team placed 4th overall in the competition.

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The Maltese team told Lovin Malta that "during the competition the weather didn't really allow us to do much. The competitors were faced with strong winds, cold temperatures and a 12-degrees celsius sea. Even though the fish were rather scarce, the team worked together and were able to catch twelve fish that passed the standard requirements for the competition."

They also explained how they were just "1,500" points away from reaching third place and qualifying for the podium.

The team now returns to Maltese waters to hone their spearfishing skills, looking towards 2019 as the year that a Maltese team might step onto the podium. 

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