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WANTED: Lovin Malta Is Looking For A Good Cause

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Lovin Malta has (thankfully) been a success story so far. We’ve given you humour, breaking news, expert opinions and eye candy. We’ve listened to what you’ve had to say about each and every article we’ve released. We’ve felt the love when it was given, and winced at the hate when it was doled out also. So what we’re going to do next segues neatly into this orgy of giving giving giving and taking your take on it all.

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If you’re here for the form: scroll down to submit your cause.

As you all (presumably) know, Christmas is coming up in a few weeks, and Lovin Malta wants to make 2016 a special year. We are planning an ambitious, innovative and basically awesome way to raise money for a good cause. We’re going to be coy about it for now and reveal all at a (not much) later date. However, we need your help.

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We racked our brains to come up with a worthy cause to donate to, but here at Lovin Malta we have very diverse interests and passions and so we totally failed to come up with a consensus. Causes championed were puppies, orphans, potholes, ducks and old people, amongst others. But after a couple of hours and a couple of coffees, we were none the wiser. Then someone had a brainwave.


YOU can decide.

Yes, you, our readers and fans. What we’re proposing is two weeks. Two weeks for you to tell us who we should give money to. Whether it’s a project to build a school in some far-flung land, or a direct contribution to fund someone’s life-saving operation, or even a collection to provide food for a cat colony; we want to know what you want us to donate to.


Here’s what you have to do: Simply fill in the form below, or send an email to [email protected] 

Tell us who the proceeds of our fabulous fund-raiser should go to this Christmas. Make your case as passionately as you can; we want to be convinced that your cause is the one to choose. Send in your suggestions and pleas until the 25th of November. The cause deemed most worthy will be the beneficiary of all funds raised by Lovin Malta for this Christmas charity project.

If you can’t access the form on your phone, click here!

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