Ryanair Announces 10 New 'Hard To Reach' Destinations From Malta

Including one country that a lot of Maltese people live in that does not currently have a direct flight

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Ryanair has announced 10 new routes to and from Malta, bringing the Irish company's total number of destinations from Malta to 61, it said Tuesday morning. The company also announced a €100 million investment into Malta, as well as basing more of its aircrafts locally.

The cities were chosen due to them being hard to reach for Maltese flyers - and they even announced a direct flight to Luxembourg, a country many Maltese live in and visit, yet does not enjoy a direct flight.

"Ryanair will be investing a further €100M to base another aircraft in Malta, its sixth aircraft to date and expands its network by 10 new routes," said Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi today. "This announcement demonstrates Ryanair’s continued commitment to Malta."

The new routes will begin in April, just in time for Summer 2019

The new routes include:

Cardiff, Wales

Cork, Ireland

Exeter, England

Lamezia, Italy

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Nantes, France

Oslo Torp, Norway

Perugia, Italy

Thessaloniki, Greece

The new routes are expected to lead to an increase of 120,000 passengers between April and December 2019

With up to 3.1 million passengers flying annually with Ryanair, the company has said. David O'Brien said that Ryanair was already the airline that carried the most passengers to and from Malta, and next summer this will increase further, along with more flights towards Europe from Heathrow airport in London.

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