Save The Date: Emma Muscat And Biondo Will Be Performing In Malta For Free This October

Alongside top Maltese acts like nosnow/noalps, Beheaded, Fabricka, Etnika and Tenishia

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For the first weekend of October, Valletta will turn into a night of life and lights as Notte Bianca takes over the capital city for another year - and this year, Malta's pop starlet Emma Muscat and her beloved Italian rapper Biondo will be performing, for free, to the delight of her Maltese fans.

In an Instagram video posted today from Valletta, Emma announced the pair's performance at the upcoming Notte Bianca on Saturday, 6th October. In the video, Emma, speaking in Italian, says how she is back in Malta and is excited for her upcoming performance.

But it's not just Emma Muscat and Biondo that will be performing

Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici said that "world-renowned foreign artists participating in this year’s edition" alongside "emerging and established Maltese artists".

There will be five main stages, each covering a different genre

Notte Special

Featuring: Emma Muscat and Biondo, nosnow/noalps, Toploader, and Tenishia featuring members of Tribali

Notte Reggae

Featuring: The Selecter, The Rifffs, and Manatapu

Notte Electronica

Featuring: Tangerine Dream, Stimulus Timbre, Cygna and Fabricka

Notte Folk

Featuring: Skald, I am Willow, Claire Tonna, Etnika, and Vinicio Capossela

Notte Metal

Featuring: Beheaded

Notte Bianca will also feature theatre and dance performances, slackline acrobatics, workshops, poetry, flamenco, clowning, burlesque, science, clay, film, and, most probably, much more.

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