Get Excited! The Lovin Malta Social Media Awards Are Coming Soon

And we're leaving them in your hands! Figuratively, that is...

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The age of the internet is truly upon us, and what better way to celebrate that, than with an internet-based AWARDS SHOW!

Awarding the most internet-y amongst us, Lovin Malta is launching our very own Social Media Awards, celebrating those of us who are living our best internet lives.

From powerful social media causes to viral dancing sensations to foodies...

We're celebrating all things social media! Lovin Malta will be awarding people who have gone above and beyond to make their online presence known. We're looking for creative fashion designers, strong minded individuals, inspirational athletes... anyone who's made your social feed that little bit more interesting.

Lovin Malta has set up an internet based awards show dedicated to anyone and everyone contributing and making their mark on Malta's online scene

And we're not just talking about the well-known influencers. While they deserve to be acknowledged, we're looking for some new faces too. And we'll be awarding them during an exciting first-of-its-kind Live Show hosted by our very own Chucky and an array of other viral personalities.

The Social Media Awards will be taking over Lovin Malta's Facebook page for one day in the beginning of February, where we will be streaming live.

We're leaving the nominating and voting up to you!

So start compiling a list of your favourite internet personalities from Malta, and keep an eye out for more information on how to nominate coming soon.

Tag a friend who's going to be Malta's next big internet star!

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