The Queen Returns: Malta's Panto Heavyweight Officially Confirms He's Coming Back To The Stage

They don't call him Pantonaro for nothing

Alan Montanaro Is Back Panto

The end of the year (and the beginning of a new one) can only mean one thing for thousands of Maltese people; panto season. And while most of us have already gotten their fair share for the 2018/9 season, the people behind the spectacular shows are already gearing up for next season. And this year, that includes a panto heavyweight who's been sorely missed from the stage.

King of comebacks and queen of panto Alan Montanaro has officially confirmed that he'll be returning to the stage as the beloved Grande Dame to close off the year

Taking to Facebook last night, the popular comedian who's behind some of the most unforgettable panto dames this side of the Mediterranean excitedly announced that his return was now "doubly official". "I will be back in fishnets and heels next year in Aladdin 2020 for the MFCC," he said.

Montanaro revealed that he would also be writing the script for his return, going on to say that next year's performance is looking like a winner thanks to "a killer production team".

Those who were present at this year's panto were lucky enough to hear the great news in person, but for all those people who either couldn't make it or had stopped going ever since Montanaro's brief hiatus, this was all the motivation they needed to get through the year.

And judging by the dozens of comments that quickly started pouring in, there were actually quite a lot of people who were specifically waiting for this announcement to return to panto themselves! After all, they don't call him Pantonaro for nothing.

Montanaro Panto Return Comments

"I’ve also always had a fascination with burlesque and the theatre of the absurd and grotesque, thanks to my mother," Montanaro had told the Malta Independent in an interview a couple of years ago. "I guess I’m not the ugliest dame in the world, and people are always talking about my legs, in fact the skirts have only gotten shorter and shorter! And to be honest, if anyone says it’s shocking, believe me it’s not, not by a long shot."

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