The Results Are In: This Is Officially Malta's Worst Date

Democracy wins once more!

Toilet Cover

In another stellar case of democracy in action Lovin Malta's audience has spoken. Over 1,300 people have voted for the worst date scenario on our island... and the overwhelming majority believe that this date is the absolute worst. 

So without further ado, we present "Maybe I shouldn't have thrown the towel in the toilet".

"I meet this guy and we immediately hit it off. We went for a date to this really cute, family-run restaurant. Despite being a five-foot Hobbit at heart, I didn't want to look like a pig on the date so I figured I'll eat something small before. 

Stopping by a dodgy pastizzerija (mistake #1) I ate a chicken pie and headed off to my date feeling somewhat less famished."

Stuffing Face

"We arrive and we're talking and it's all going great! While we're waiting for the food to arrive I get the biggest cramp of my life. Being a woman, I'm not new to cramps but damn, this felt like a thousand cheese graters were having a go at my intestines."


"I excuse myself, and head to this small bathroom that is shared between all the patrons of the restaurant. Long story short, the chicken pie wasn't a fresh one, and I was stuck in that toilet for 30 minutes; all the while panicking cause there's no way I can say this was just a long pee. 

Just when I thought I was living a nightmare, I realise there's no toilet paper. I'm freaking out and the only thing remotely close to a substitute was a small towel used for drying your hands. I figured I was desperate and I had no way out so I had to use that. "

Scared Hermione

"Feeling a little bit more relieved and utterly embarrassed I got up, only to realise that I reflexively threw the towel in the toilet. I was too far gone; I committed to the bit and decided to just flush it anyway (mistake #2).

The toilet obviously clogs up and now I'm dealing with rising levels of very dirty toilet water leaking down the floor. I panic, run out of the only toilet in the building, grab my things from the table, and with zero eye contact or words walk straight out of the restaurant."

Spongebob Bye

Congrats dearest unfortunate entrant, you win an amazing stay at the Corinthia Hotel St. George's Bay to make up for all the horrible memories you are now stuck with. 

Maybe a weekend of luxury and a free, tasty dinner will ease the pain a bit.

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