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Think Malta Needs Reform? Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Make It Happen

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Constitutional reform is on the horizon for Malta, and with politicians from both sides of the aisle publicly acknowledging this, it seems like now is the time for an organisation to get to work on it.

The Malta 2.0 Foundation is that organisation. Founded in May as a non-profit, non-partisan NGO by a network of professionals – entrepreneurs, lawyers, regulators, civil servants and activists – the organisation’s goals are promoting good governance and the rule of law in Malta.

They will be playing a key part in the upcoming changes to the Maltese constitution – and they need you to make this really happen.

Where do you come in? 

The Foundation has a clear goal for changing Malta’s future – and they are looking for a full time Secretary General to join them.

They are looking for someone with an organisational background, who can run the group day-to-day, who can report to the Foundation Board, and most importantly, is passionate about everything the Foundation stands for. The chosen candidate must also be not affiliated to any political organisation. 

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What does the Foundation stand for?

More than anything, the idea that the Republic of Malta can be one of the most prosperous and best governed countries in the world is central to everything the Foundation does. Malta has the potential to be truly great – a world pioneer in various fields. 

But to get there, the country first needs good governance, robust institutions, and an effective separation of powers in the country. This isn’t something easily achieved, but once achieved, will be of the greatest value. 

These changes will bring about greater economic, social, and personal prosperity for the Maltese people, which is a pretty awesome thing to contribute to in your new role. 

What is the Foundation looking for?

Changing a country’s constitution isn’t easy, and will take time and dedication. While the networking is great and the pay is decent, the true pay-off is knowing you helped make Malta a better place for future generations.

That said, the Foundation is looking for a person with a particular set of skills.

You’ll need to be passionate, persistent, and proactive. Self-motivated, with a can-do attitude and driven to achieve. 

You’ll be working in a team of top local and international experts in various fields who have come together to create a better Malta, and you’ll need to be able to stay focused on the goal and work well within that team.

Of course, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest current affairs and global news – this is politics we are dealing with, and things can change in a second. 

Knowledge of the constitutional structures in Malta would also be helpful.

How can you apply?

If you think you are up for being a major part of a team that will be contributing to changing Malta’s constitution, bringing good governance to our islands, and enforcing the rule of law, then you should contact [email protected]. Remuneration and job plan are negotiable. 

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