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This Charades Game Offers A Maltese Twist To The Iconic Party Game

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Family games night is a pillar of bonding with those we cherish most… Until someone brings out Monopoly. From Scrabble to Uno, we just want to be able to have a laugh and enjoy ourselves. Yet, it playing the same games over and over can become stale fast.

One group of students is offering a fresh take on an iconic game, bringing charades to a whole new level with a fun and topical Maltese variation: Ras Il-Fuq.

Available on Android’s Play Store, Ras Il-Fuq brings every Malta-related topic from Food to Politicians and Eurovision, with an 18+ version available too.

It allows people to really have fun with Maltese pop culture in a way that few other games can.

While still in its early days, Ras Il-Fuq is a simple yet very fun game. Simply bring your phone up to your forehead while a word or phrase will be displayed.

Everyone else has to try and then provide you with hints on what the phrase is in order to win the round.

The game has also garnered a lot of celebrity endorsement and is in the Top 10 Trivia Apps in Malta, proving that the game is likely to have a bright future – especially as it continues to grow.

Ira Losco, Jacqui Losco, Health and Fitness influencer Stephanie Agius and so many more influencers in Malta have given the game their green light.

While only Android users are able to get Ras Il-Fuq for now, there is no doubt that the game will continue to grow and expand.

It offers Mata a perfect chance to explore our fun trivia and be able to flex everything we know about pop culture on the islands.

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