This Guy Loves Valletta So Much He Got A Full Sleeve Tattoo Of It

Talk about Lovin Valletta

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Eighteen-year-old footballer Paul Lapira is a born and bred Belti and proud. After months of careful planning, bang on his 18th birthday, he embarked on his mission to rep his ends with quite possibly the most stunning patriotic tattoo we’ve ever seen!

Paul’s wrap-around tattoo sleeve took almost 25 hours to construct, spread out over six sessions. 

It features some of our Capital’s most iconic landmarks, including the monument of the Lower Barrakka Gardens and the Siege Bell Memorial, and incorporates a bird’s eye view of parts of the city. The Maltese Cross proudly sits on his elbow and a compass on his lower forearm points to where Valletta is situated in Malta. 

The piece on his shoulder symbolises Saint Paul’s Shipwreck, as he is the patron saint of the Valletta church Lapira was baptized in.

He wanted something permanent to pay tribute to his hometown and Maltese heritage, and the result is seriously impressive. He’d dreamed up the idea a while ago and waited until he knew exactly what he wanted, with the help of his tattooist Glen Zammit, who operates from Ink City Tattoo Studio, situated in Valletta, of course. 

“It's a tattoo about the places I grew up in, where I used to hang out daily with my friends and it has a touch of the history of the city I grew up in,” Paul told Lovin Malta. 

The otherwise greyscale tat is contrasted by a portrait of the city’s founder, Grandmaster La Vallette, looking victorious in a red coat of arms, with the date “1566” just below his feet- the year Valletta’s stone was laid.

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