Titans Unite: Have G7 And Sound Salon Teamed Up To Form One Massive Maltese Event Group?

Summer will never be the same again

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Summer's right around the corner, and for so many Maltese, that means one major choice is incoming: are we going to G7 Fridays or Sound Salon tonight l-aħwa?

However, you might not need to ever select between the two popular party promoters again after word has it that the two Maltese event titans have teamed up to create the island's largest events group and change your summer weekends forever.

Sound Salon and G7 teaming up will mean all of your favourite DJs will be together, partying in one place, creating something truly special, every summer weekend

While nothing is confirmed yet, it is believed the two titans will be working under the slogan 'It's Better Together!' and are set to officially announce the partnership in the coming days.

It also seems that the new power-couple will be taking over Gianpula's main room for the summer - though we'll need to wait for official confirmation on that.

Taking the two different brands and merging them into one may be quite the challenge, but the two teams' passion for music and their shared creativity in curating unforgettable nights will make the transition easy.

Both brands will retain their own personalities, but will be coming together to put on some of the biggest shows in Malta this summer

Between their selection and promotion of some of your favourite Maltese DJs and artists, top quality production (picture everything from incredible light-work to next level stage shows with giveaways in the midst of all the nonstop action) you can rest assured that if G7 and Sound Salon really are teaming up, they'll be elevating your weekend events like never before.

The sprit of unity is coming to clubbing in Malta, and this could be the forefront of it.

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