Up To €50,000 In Grants Up For Grabs For Positive Social Projects

A grant encouraging positive social change has just landed.

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The Gasan Foundation together with Inspirasia Foundation are launching an amazing new initiative that is set to be a game-changer for people working towards social change in Malta. The Social Impact Awards will create a platform for people interested in working towards this change, and give them financial and non-financial support should they need it!

Together with other businesses, the two foundations have also gathered a whopping €50,000 to be donated as grants to the submissions that have the most potential to leave a positive impact on our country!

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To benefit from this all you need is an innovative idea, and the passion to carry it forward. The awards recognize non-profit organisations, social enterprises and individuals with projects that can have a sustainable and positive impact on Malta. 

“With these awards we hope to bring the non-profit sector closer to philanthropists and businesses in order to have more social impact in Malta. It's time we all start taking our impact as seriously as our profits, with efficiency and professionalism at our core.” Said Mr. Joseph Gasan, Chairman of The Gasan Foundation. 

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That brilliant idea you've had rattling about can finally become a reality! Head on over to their Facebook page to get all the information you need, or contact their assistant director Louisa on [email protected]

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