Want To Rebrand Malta? Now's Your Chance...

Is your brand agency up for the 3-year job?

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The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) have launched a search for the next brand/creative agency to represent our beloved islands in their international ad campaign. 

MTA are looking for a stellar agency that will deliver "a new international advertising brand concept for the Maltese Islands for the next 3 years as well as a unique logo that shall be used in MTA’s marketing activity overseas". 

This brand overhaul will need to communicate everything that Malta has to offer to an international audience, so whoever pitches for the job will need to be a mega-competent player in the global branding game. Designers all over the world have risen to great fame in their industry after designing successful logos for cities. Whoever gets this job will be in charge of creating a totally new identity for a whole country

That's one hell of a gig to land.

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And the canvas is far from blank. With the amount of incredible stuff going on with Malta in the last few years and beyond – EU Council Presidency, Capital of Culture, MUŻA, award-winning fireworks, Valletta getting more amazing by the second... etc – whichever agency does get the job will have a bucketload of material to work with. 

Developing a proposal that will encapsulate all these things and more, whilst managing to successfully embody the spirit of the nation will be the tallest order we can think of. But somewhere out there, there's a perfect agency just waiting to blow our minds.

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So start working on your submission now, guys – the deadline is only a month away (Thursday 16th February 2017). The official request can be found here, complete with an email link to more information. 

We can't wait to see what all you creatives come up with!

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