Want To Teach Your 6-Year-Old About Grief? Check Out The Latest Play In Malta

Kids, dogs, and emotions

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A new Studio 18 production called Dear Pete will be showing on carnival weekend at St James Cavalier. Intended for a 6 to 10 year-old audience, the play will tackle the subject of loss and the five stages of grief.

The plot loosely involves a boy who lives alone with a giant plant and a toy dog, supported by a whacky neighbourhood. The main character is Little Pete and the main event is an erupting storm – which culminates in new, unexpected friendships and an emotional journey. The play is driven by storytelling, magic, and puppetry; but the intention is of the story is to help children understand more complex emotional journeys.

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"Pete's an independent kid who's on a journey to deal with loss and find closure, through a series of colorful scenarios and events. We're working on the show with an educational psychologist," Director Jean Marc Cafa' tells us. "And there's also a cute giant dog". Sounds like this one will score high with both parents and children alike. Especially seeing as kids are invited to attend the show in their carnival costumes. 

So will Studio 18 continue to make waves with its productions in 2017? Dear Pete will be the first chance for us to find out. 


For more information on the show and how to book tickets, visit the event page on Facebook.

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