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WATCH: ‘There’s Never Been A Better Time For Print’: Lovin Malta CEO Explains Why Print Is Here To Stay

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Malta woke up this morning to a brand new player in the media landscape: Lovin Tomorrow. The Monday newspaper, which will be released every week and is completely free for pickup, is Lovin Malta’s first foray into the world of print. And it’s already been snatched up, with 20,000 copies distributed around the island in a few hours.

But why start a newspaper? And why now? In this exclusive video, Lovin Malta CEO Christian Peregin, himself a former newspaper journalist, elaborates on the vision and how his fledgling company created a newspaper “worth getting out of bed for”.

“There’s never been a better time to reconnect with our audiences with print. When most people are saying that there is no future in print, we’re saying we beg to differ. As long as the thinking remains as revolutionary as it was when print first started,” he says, as he reveals the creative direction behind this new venture.

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If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy of Lovin Tomorrow, you can read a digital version of it here.

Did you pick up a copy of Lovin Tomorrow?

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