Why All Maltese Creatives Need To Attend This Design Sprint Workshop

Don't know what a Design Sprint is? All the more reason you should be there

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What is a Design Sprint? It's a five-phase process with the purpose of using design solutions to create risk-free products, services or features, and bringing them to the market. 

You may be thinking – tall order – but it's pretty hard to call yourself a creative nowadays if you're not holding sprints at your workplace. The process has been championed by Google Ventures to create products customers actually want in just five days without desecrating your budget. 

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So if you want to be the brain behind the next Uber, but you're not sure how to go about it, then you need to mark this upcoming Design Spring event in your calendar. Before we get to the where, when and how, it makes sense to start with exactly why you should attend.

1. You're a CEO that wants to pour creativity into your team.

2. You're an employee who wants your CEO to notice you, so you get that promotion or pay rise. 

3. You're a start-up with limited budget and need to make your product idea work in the least time possible.

4. You're your company’s visionary who wants to put Malta on the map with your creations.

5. You're a budding entrepreneur who needs to be sure of a project before investing in it.

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So how does the workshop work?

There are five stages: First you map out the problem or niche in the market and think of a product. Second, you design a solution. Next, you turn your idea into something testable. Then you hammer out a prototype before the final stage: testing it with real customers. 


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The workshop will be run by New Haircut – an agency who have held similar workshops all around the world. It will take place on the 9th and 10th March at BRND WGN’s creative hub in Naxxar.

New Haircut's COO, John Vetan, explained to Lovin Malta how a Design Sprint allows you to fast-forward into the future, to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments. “I believe that without this process, your product will probably fail.” 

There's really no reason you shouldn't be there. Sign-up today and get working on your next big idea. You can find all the info you need on BRND WGN's event page

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