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Need A Quick Ride Through Malta? Zoom Around On Bolt’s New Electric Scooters

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Getting around Malta has just got a whole lot easier! Bolt has just launched an updated version of its fully-electric and eco-friendly electric scooters after a year of successful trials which brought them to be compliant with all regulations.

“We’re excited to bring electric scooters to the people of Malta, enabling them to travel in a safe and more sustainable way,” says Sebastian Ripard, CEO of Bolt in Malta.

Scooters will be placed in central regions and at the most frequented places around Malta, like Valletta and Sliema. After use, they’re left in the place designated by the app to ensure quality service for the person who comes after.

Bolt will start by distributing more than 100 scooters across Malta and is ready to increase the number of bikes according to demand. Bolt scooters come with built-in GPS trackers to provide data on pickup and drop-off locations. Every morning, Bolt will redistribute the bikes to the designated spots.

This affordable and quick mode of transport is not only easy on the environment, but also on your pocket, seeing as it only costs a euro to unlock a scooter and, after that, just 15 cents per minute. For example, a 10-minute ride, which is enough to cover the ride from Sliema to St. Julians, will cost the rider just €2.50.

For people who already have the Bolt app, stay on the lookout for the scooter emoticon after the update; it will take you to the scooter rental interface where you can scan the QR code that’s on the scooter.

But for those of you who don’t have this saving grace of an app yet, you can download it from the Google Play store here or from Apple’s IOS Appstore here.

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