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12 Tattoos In Malta We Can’t Stop Staring At

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We love staring at tattoos! Whether you’re into getting inked or not, there’s no denying that tattoo is art, and there are some seriously talent artists out here.

Here are some stare-worthy tattoos that made our jaws drop.

1. This Knife tattoo

Giving us some serious Hitchcock vibes…

2. Always watching you

Artist: Martin Gafa.

3. A healed pegasus tattoo

Artist: Rebecca Bonaci from Oddity.

4. Rose ink

Artist: Martin Gafa.

5. Bowie good!

Artist: Rebecca Bonaci

6. Film Noir style tattoo

How can you not appreciate this detailed art from Skin Label?

7. Woman + tiger + rose = Art

Even your nanna would approve.

8. Two-faced beauty

There’s no way that’s a tattoo…

9. A stunning phoenix piece

Created by Modern Tribe Tattoo Studio.

10. Perfect geometry

Black is the new black. Created by Justink.

11. How foxy!

Created by Skink Tattoo Studio.

12. These two gloriously colourful pieces

Paul from Corazón is an absolute genius, and here’s proof.

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