16 Pretty Sliema Buildings That Will Make You Smile

Who you calling ugly?


Anyone who's ever taken the time to walk through the residential streets of Sliema and wandered round corners they've never explored before will take you up on the argument that Sliema has been ruined by overdevelopment. 

The Sliema Heritage Society is non-profit organisation that aims to educate and inspire not only Sliema residents, but a whole new audience of people who might not have taken a huge interest in their surrounds before to be more aware of the beauty in the older buildings, and to stand up for their protection and preservation. 

Sliema has so much more to offer than its modern apartment blocks. Here's just a little proof that Sliema can do "quaint" just as well as the rest.

1. Hues Of Blue

2. Green Goddess

3. Standing Proud

4. Curvy Girl

5. The Sisters 

6. Window Love

7. Superb Stonework

8. Lady In Blue 

9. Giorgio's Door

10. Storybook Romantic 

11. Blue Belles

12. Little Old Lady

13. Eccentric Aunt

14. Cotton Whites

15. Pretty In Pink

16. Art Nouveau Beauties

Architect Edward Said will be giving an insightful talk about the history behind some of Sliema's most iconic heritage buildings this evening at 6pm at Teatru Salesian in Howard Street, Sliema. Sliema-An Architectural Celebration is free and you check out the event here. Find out more about Sliema's heritage buildings by following Sliema Heritage Society's Facebook page and by visiting the Sliema Local Council. 

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