17 Reasons Michele Agius Was Voted Best Photographer By Our Readers

Some serious local talent

Mic Agius

Following a request for you to nominate your favourite photographers, we were flooded with a wave of talent. Throughout the list, one name kept cropping up repeatedly - Michele Agius. 

Most of our readers have probably seen his work at some point in their internet lives, but we think it's high time we featured a whole collection of his best snaps from the past year. Here's just a few reasons why.

1. He knows how to show off his homeland

2. His underwater shots are mesmerizing

3. His compositions are spot on

4. And he shows you a side of our island we rarely see

5. Like Valletta's incredible aerial layout

6. Or Comino's condensed beauty

7. He knows Malta's favourite colours

8. And he highlights them beautifully

9. His food shots are to die for

10. He knows what he's looking for when travelling

11. And shows off what travellers can find back home

12. Capturing the serenity of island life

13. While not being afraid to speak his mind

14. Because who wouldn't want to preserve our heritage?

15. Natural or otherwise

16. So snap on Michele

17. And keep doing what you do, so very well

Bonus: His most-liked photo of the year pretty much speaks for itself

Thank you all for voting and nominating your favourite photographer. One lucky winner has been chosen at random to win a Insta360 Nano camera attachment from Dickens in Sliema!

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