5 People Who Love Cisk So Much, They Actually Went And Got Tattoos

Do you reckon they like beer?

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If there's one way to really express your love for something, it's by getting a tattoo to have it as a permanent reminder. And if you want to match that with some of the most iconic Maltese symbols around, then the award-winning beer Cisk is a perfect place to start.

Representing everything from nostalgic nights with loved ones to the hottest and most beautiful days of summer, Cisk has steadily become a staple in many people's lives. Even with Cisk's national (and international) success, there's always a person or two ready to take it one step further and really help cement the brand's popularity. 

Here are five people who managed to do just that, by getting Cisk tattoos.

This OG tat

Try convincing Chris Briffa that Cisk is a bigger part of your life than his.

The famous yellow logo is literally under his skin.

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This full bottle shot

Inked by the talented Martin Gafa at Għaxaq's Oddity, Salvina Bugeja's Cisk bottle tattoo is as realistic as they get. 

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These two Swedish friends' matching ink

Per Schröder-Hörnell and Fredrik Strindemark got these tattoos back in 2014, but they haven't stopped flaunting their ink and love of Cisk. 

The dates on the tattoos read 2012 - 2014, with the inked logo bearing the words BROTHER where the specific beer name would normally be.

This superfan of everything Farsons

How do you out-fan a superfan? Simple; get all the tattoos.

Mick Johnson, or Mr. Kinnie on Twitter, has everything from the Hopleaf logo to an eight-pointed cross (and of course, Kinnie) tattooed on his two arms. So yes, of course he's going to have a Cisk ink.

Sporting multiple iterations of Kinnie's and Cisk's logos through the ages, Johnson also has Maltese Mick inked on his right elbow. Now that's dedication.

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