50 Artists Designed Limited Edition Posters All About Malta And The Results Look Awesome

They're also giving everyone a chance to purchase them for a good cause

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Maltese visual artists have been hard at work experimenting with different styles over the years, but it's when they use their signature styles to express their Maltese identity that they manage to shine bright. And that's exactly what a group of local artists decided to encourage.

Creatives Malta is a community co-founded by an animation artist and two graphic designers; Ian Attard, Malcolm Ricci and Iordanis Passas. Their aim is to bring together creatives from all walks of life to share their work and inspire others, and their latest event aims to do just that.

Last summer, Creatives Malta collaborated with the MCAST Institute to host a Behance Portfolio Review. Throughout the event, different artists showcased their work, and were informed of an upcoming project the community had in mind. 

"Put quite simply, 50 Posters For Malta saw different creatives being invited to create a limited edition poster with anything that has to do with Malta," the team told Lovin Malta. "The more creative and fun elements used, the better. The main idea behind the project was to get on board as many designers as possible with a poster."

Within a week, 50 applicants submitted their interest, and the community plans on exhibiting them all next month. "The limited edition posters will be sold for charity," the team told Lovin Malta. "So it won't just be about the art; we'll also be helping put a smile on people's faces."

In the run up to the February exhibition, Creatives Malta have been gradually teasing some of the posters in Facebook posts. Artists include Daniela Attard, Matthew Cardona, Zack Ritchie and Kyle Grech. 

Lovin Malta also got a teaser of what's to come thanks to a collage of posters, and the whole thing looks absolutely awesome.

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"Every little can help, so the project’s profit will go to three foundations who are doing a brilliant job in helping those in need," the Creatives Malta team told Lovin Malta. "These are The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, Children in Need Foundation & Do Project. All proceeds from the event will go towards these foundations."

The exhibition will start from 9th February evening at the Antoine De Paule Hall, President's Palace, Attard. It will be open for the general public between 9am until 4pm for two weeks excluding weekends. 

Those who would like to give an extra helping hand can send the team an email on [email protected] or find them on social media.

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