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7 Tips To Help You Take The Perfect Instagram Shot In Malta

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As more people migrate towards Instagram as a way to break the endless cycle they’ve grown accustomed to on Facebook, having a nice ‘feed’ has never been more important. These simple tips will help elevate the level of your snaps and rake in those likes.

1. Malta’s sun will burn out most photos

Over exposure is a huge problem on such a sunny island. Whenever you’re taking a snap, be sure to tap on the lightest part of the photo so your phone’s camera can white-balance accordingly.

Sometimes you’ll need to tap the sky, other times it’ll be your forehead. Just make sure you’re not burning out your snaps.

2. Remember the ‘rule of thirds’ for horizons

A lot of shots in Malta involve a stunning view of the sea and the horizon. In these cases always align to a grid splitting the image into thirds, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line instead of right in the centre. 

3. You don’t need to over-saturate

Our island is full of bright, vibrant colours. From the stonework to our doors, there’s a lot of pigment to be found everywhere, so go easy on that saturation bar.

4. Your hand will show in selfies with sunglasses

As mentioned above we live on a sunny island, which means your sunglasses will be featuring quite heavily. If you’re taking a selfie with them on, please be aware of the fact that your hand will be showing in the reflection.

5. Check for cranes ruining a shot before snapping

In some cases they’ll be impossible to avoid (try taking a picture of the Sliema skyline and avoiding all cranes). But if you’re aware of them you can at least plan to place them in strategic locations.

6. Maltese people have an aversion to cameras

So if you’re thinking about taking a cute picture of an old lady sitting on a stoop in Valletta, there’s a chance you’ll be yelled at. Always make sure your subjects are comfortable with being snapped, or at least not showing enough for them to have to worry.

7. Check that reflective surfaces are clean

Whether you’re taking a mirror selfie or shooting the glass facade of a cool building, Malta is extremely dusty, so make sure the surfaces are clear, or you’ll kill the whole photo.

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