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‘A Reality You Won’t See In Guidebooks’: Photographer’s Latest Work Draws The Curtains On Malta’s Shocking Pollution Problem

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Malta is almost always portrayed as an island of unspoiled beauty in travel guides but the reality of it couldn’t be more different.

A local photographer’s latest work is an attempt to draw the shades on Maltese reality by capturing a series of shots exposing just how dirty our beautiful island can really be.

Soul Photography Malta’s latest work involves taking candid shots of a model amidst the dirt and rubbish that pollutes the island’s land and sea, creating a series of striking and juxtaposing images that emphasise just how dirty our Meditteranean paradise can really be.

Model Jekaterina Trubovich gets down with the dirt and poses on a sandbank of cigarettes…

…and swims in a sea of rubbish.

“Social media never show you reality. What you see on Instagram profiles and on postcard entirely represents the hypocrisy of modern society, focused on the creation of an idealized image of oneself and the world around,” Katrin de Rusko, the brains behind Soul Photography Malta, said in a Facebook post.

Not only do these photos raise awareness on the current state of Malta’s environment, but they also highlight society’s obsession with creating an idealised reality through the means of photoshop and filters.

By refusing to alter or enhance the images, de Rusko portrays Malta in its natural light and it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see.

“Malta is an amazing island that deserves care and love but unfortunately last year it had been raped continuously by the people living there who are more interested in making money than in preserving nature and taking care of their home.”

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