'Art Installation Never Before Seen In Malta' By 'Notorious Street Artist' Is Coming To St. Julian's

... could it be him?

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2017 was off to a great start for food lovers when London-based Vietnamese restaurant franchise House of Ho opened its doors in the heart of Paceville. Six months later, a "transformation" is taking place, and it all sounds exciting AF.

"One of the biggest street artists from London is being unleashed on our venue," the Maltese branch announced on Tuesday morning. While the restaurant did not  disclose the name of the artist, they did say that he's "associated with the world's best and most notorious names in the industry". 

Now we don't know about you, but that reads a lot like a certain notorious British street artist who's name starts with B...

No matter who the mystery street artist turns out to be, House of Ho promise that he will be turning the restaurant into "a one-off art installation never before seen in Malta". 

The St. Julian's restaurant will be closed for the next few days while works are carried out, but while you wait, here's some #VietnameseFoodPorn. 

Who do you think this mystery street artist is? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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