Blind And 'Inspirational' Maltese Youth Releases Debut Book After President's Backing

The President of Malta said 'Samuel is my inspiration'


Samuel Farrugia, the Maltese youth that showed Malta how to overcome trials and tribulations after losing his eyesight, has published his debut novel.

Samuel and the Magic Tooth was launched in an official event at San Anton Palace, where a number of speakers, including the President of Malta, spoke.

'Samuel is my inspiration, in how I need to look at life and all the challenges life brings with it," said President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. 

"Samuel shows us that no matter what challenges we face in life, the way we look these challenges and the way we develop a positive attitude is important in overcoming these challenges. Samuel is a model of inspiration both for other children like him as well as for us adults," she continued.


The President also said that the book is evidence of all this, that no matter what challenges Samuel faced, he never let them bring him down.

'Samuel turned his challenges into a source of strength and belief in himself, which he is now sharing with us through this book," she said. 

Samuel himself thanked everyone who was involved in the process of publishing the book, and he thanked the President for the faith she has in him. "Without the trust that the President showed in me this book wouldn't have been written and would have remained a fantasy in my mind."

The book is about a protagonist of the same name and his adventures in the time of the dinosaurs. Samuel said that this is the first book in a series of books and hopes to release the second one this year.

Peppi Azzopardi from Xarabank also spoke, and he said that Samuel made him see "things that I who can see cannot see, and he, who cannot see, is able to see and appreciate." He also lauded his 'extraordinary creativity."

Samuel and the Magic Tooth is published by Panda Books, and can be bought from San Anton Palace as well as the Offices of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation in Valletta.


Who else inspires you throughout your day?

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